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About us

Refiner’s Fire brings restoration and healing to the spiritually broken, battered, and hopeless; a sanctum for Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Pastors, Evangelists, and Bishops. A place where they can lay prostrate before the Lord and be transparent, allowing Him to wash, heal, renew, and restore them. This ministry is a "Filling Station" and people from all walks of life can come to be refilled, serviced, and sent back out to minister to others. Refiner’s Fire is a place where God's worship is restored, His Holiness is praised, and prophetic notes of music are released. It is also where God is feared and His Holiness reverenced, where God's people can "take off their masks" and "get real" with themselves, and experience true freedom and liberty in Him. We are a ministry where young people learn the meaning of true worship, an education center where men and women are trained in the articles of the Spirit and the natural, so that the "whole" man can be restored.

Getting to know the Pastor

Pastor Norman has been in ministry over 20 years and her kingdom mandate is to usher in the true spirit of prayer and worship.  With a true heart for God’s people, and now playing the role of spiritual midwife herself, Pastor Norman has given her life to instructing and activating persons in the atomic power of intercession.  She is passionate about equipping people to pursue destiny by the practical application of God’s word and being the men and women of purpose, God has called them to be.  Her motto is: “Let what you do be enough to strengthen you in the time of trouble. Make every second count.” Pastor Norman is also an author of her brand new book entitled: " Shattered Pieces from BROKEN 2 BLESSED".

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